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Who we are

The Company was founded in 1984 and traded as Mossbio, to focus on the supply, installation and rental of TV’s, Video Walls, Hotel Systems and CATV Systems to Corporate groups in South Africa. In 2001 the company changed ownership and changed its name to Hospitality Equipment Rentals abbreviated to HER.

Electronic Media Systems

P.A. and background music (BGM)

Cable TV Systems for the Hospitality Industry

Systems for the Hospitality Industry.


Joint Venture

HER entered into a Joint Venture with a number of reputable companies to ensure excellent support is available that comply with HER’s high standards. Some of our partners utilized on the design and installations of various systems have been involved since 1989.

They have offered and still do provide comprehensive analysis to particular needs, combining expert knowledge and with a committed back-up service on technologically advanced systems that are flexible and adaptable.

These Joint Ventures ensures a one-stop facility to the Commercial Industry. This reduces the risk to the client in providing a continuous and excellent service to their customers.

Corporate Mission Statement

HER are determined to be an unquestionably superior rental and service orientated company, staffed with capable employees providing solutions to our customers needs with consistent quality service ensuring a superior return to shareholders.

Jointly, we sustain a competitive advantage and are truly integrated suppliers of innovative quality products for leisure and corporate markets, at competitive prices supported by excellent after sales service anywhere in South Africa.

We have been extremely successful in penetrating the market and have to date supplied TV’s and/or Systems to the major role players in the leisure industry e.g. a number of Hotels, Medical and Banking Institutions, Lodges, Golf Estates, Resorts and Retail Stores.


Enthusiasm, Trust

Integrity, Partnerships

Win-win solutions

Team work




Design, installation, commission and training of client’s staff in utilizing and operating of a complete installed system.

Procure client specific equipment

Our lease service offers a fully comprehensive maintenance technical rental package over a variety of rental periods (minimum 24 months up a maximum of 60 months)

Flexible financial alternatives as well as no initial capital outlay.

Trouble-free maintenance at no cost for the duration of the contract.

Minimise the risk to the client by providing backup (spare) units at no additional cost.

Respond to any complaint within 24 hours.

Service agreements over a variety of periods.

Specialised Systems installed:

Standard off-air TV, FM radio programs and Pay per view movies
Games, express check out
Shopping, hotel operation support
Welcome messages, guest messages, bill review
Special announcements
Hospital installations that conforms to the Medical Board Regulations.

Why Rent? See Frequently Asked Questions

Major Benefits of leasing are:

A hedge against technological obsolescence and inflation.
Rental periods may be tailored to meet individual corporate requirements
Tax benefits; A rental agreement is an operating expense and therefore not governed by Capex Budgets
No deposits
Agreements are not capitalised
Fixed operating expense
Minimal administrative work
Full maintenance and after sales service anywhere in South Africa
We offer “a service above self attitude”, only the best technical support staff is used on a national basis and a convergence of electronic commerce and technologies to ensure you only call one service provider. This not only simplifies calls but also ensures that your service provider reacts timorously to all your needs.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

A: Satellite TV is a means of distributing video and audio signals using a satellite in orbit. The signals are linked from an earth station to the satellite approximately 36000km away and then broadcast over a target area. Satellite reception equipment then receives the signal on your convention TV set.

A:. Greater programme variety, perfect reception eg. No ghosting, greater coverage area, radio channels can be broadcast in conjunction with the TV signals.

A: Yes, but as long as the SABC and Astrasat continue to broadcast in analogue, your system will not be out dated. It took the UK ten years to switchover to Digital, the SABC has commenced with the Digital switchover in 2008 and at this stage it is perceived that this project should be completed by 2019.

A: It is definitely not recommended, rather contact an accredited installer.

A: No. The Satellite Dish must have a clear line of sight to the satellite.

A: The elevations is between 30 and 40 degrees from horizontal (for RSA)

A: Rain and wind may affect reception to a minimal degree.

A: Yes you can, but it is not recommended.

The dish/LNB is an offset dish of approximately 50cm in diameter and is used as a reflector to direct the satellite signal to a focal point where the LNB is situated.

The LNB converts and amplifies the satellite signal from a very high frequency into a lower frequency, which the receiver is able to process. The LNB are available in single, twin, quad and even 6 outlets.

The receiver is the indoor component, which processes and prepares satellite signals for viewing and listening on your standard TV. The various TV channels are memorised by the receiver and using a remote control the viewer may select one of the pre-programmed satellite channels at the press of a button.

A: The recommended size of the Satellite Dish is 50 to 90cm in diameter. Some areas of South Africa may require a slightly larger Satellite Dish due to location or rain attenuation. The single is used for the standard Multi Choice Decoder, all others are used when more than one signal is required e.g. PVR or for commercial installations.

A: By using HER approved equipment you are assured that all spares will be available to cater for any unlikely faults.

A: No keep the existing system as it will allow you to view channels independently on second and third TV sets in the house.

A: Unfortunately you can only view one channel at a time and you can only record the channel that your receiver is set to, except if you have installed a PVR, Explorer or Extra View Decoder, in this case it is possible to view one while another channel is being taped. The latest Explorer allows two channels to be recorded while viewing a third.

A: Yes, you can use a normal TV set.

A: If you have a hi-fi amplifier with the necessary connections, you will be able to connect directly to your hi-fi and enjoy all the audio channels that the satellite has to offer

A: Most of the channels will have an audio in stereo format.

A: A site survey of the premises must be done by a professional installer, you can request this service from our Technical Department on +27 44 691-2386

Hospitality Equipment Rentals

HER is committed to supplying the best quality service
We pride ourselves in researching and developing system designs that meet client requirements.

Regular updates on the progress of the installation

Most equipment is serviced and maintained by our company ensuring optimum performance.

24 hour response on breakdowns

Guaranteed workmanship.

HER installations are in accordance to local and various international standards i.e. SABS and CENELEC

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Contact Us

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Call : 087 255 9961
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Postal : P.O. Box 9694
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